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Questions, want to order something?
     Please fill out & send me a note! 

You are ordering a "custom" product. In doing so, I want to share with you some ways that I assure you that your purchase leaves my studio with much thought, way before I watch it go to it's new "home"! If you are purchasing a "grapevine" wreath as a base...It is washed (for any unwanted content!), dried and then a coat of matte finsh-clear spray is applied. This seals the grapevine and gives it a polished appearance. 

No matter what the "base" is, I apply a "hanger" hook on each one. This way you know which way is "UP" when you hang it up.
No upside down flowers please! 

Then, I go to work creating your masterpiece...Per YOUR instructions for size, color, style and specifications!
Once complete, I do a "once over" to make sure everything is secured.

You will have a one of a kind, front door or in house, creation that family, friends and neighbers alike will compliment you every time they visit!!